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Bus / Bus Rapid Transit

Lamoreaux Associates’ work with Bus Systems includes Design, Project management, Construction management, Security systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Communications, Buildings and facilities, Automated passenger counting, Infrared signage systems, and CAD/AVL.  These systems include Fixed Route Transit and Paratransit.

Our work with Bus Rapid Transit includes CAD/AVL, Voice and Data Radio Systems, WiFi, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Wayside and Onboard CCTV, LCD, AFC, Lighting Control, Control Centers, Data Centers, and Vehicle Systems.


RTD Bus System, Denver, Denver RTD

Pierce Transit Bus System (Seattle)

Sound Transit Bus System, Seattle

Community Transit Bus System (Systemwide), Seattle

TheBus, Honolulu, Hawaii, City and County of Honolulu

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Bus System

SamTrans, San Mateo, California, San Mateo County Transportation Authority

SMART Bus System, Southeastern Michigan, Teleride Sage