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System-Wide Electrical

Our firm provides a full range of electrical engineering services for system-wide electrical systems including conduit, cabling, routing, interconnection, power, signal, communications and grounding systems.  Our experience includes all transit subsystems, combined system, ductbank for all electrical subsystems including vaults/manholes, conduit and concrete encasement; power/signal/communications conduit/cables fed to/from this ductbank to all subsystems, along with power, signal and communications conduit/cable system-wide for stations, operations and maintenance facilities, park and ride facilities, grade crossings/traffic controllers, shared ductbank with other public agencies, and intermodal connections.

  • Transit subsystem interface definition matrix, and conduit/cable requirements, between all subsystems
  • Subsystem contract interfaces and riser diagrams
  • Emergency power interface definition
  • Definition of physical and electrical interfaces including enclosures, conduit, rack space, terminal strips, grounding interfaces, and other utilities
  • Evaluation of safety/security design criteria for required field devices and systems
  • Review of individual subsystem concept, preliminary and final designs to ensure all required conduits/cable have been identifiable
  • Site inspections
  • Response to RFIs, submittals, contractor design review
  • Resident engineers, contract administration
  • Construction safety certification
  • Test procedure development
  • Megger, continuity, earth resistance testing support
  • Hi Pot testing testing support
  • Systems integration testing support with equipment connected
  • Plans, specification and estimates
  • Combined system ductbank for all electrical systems, vaults, concrete protection/encasement
  • Design of vaults, manholes, concrete encased ductbank, for require traffic rating
  • Manhole, handhole, pullbox design an dmaterial selection
  • Signal and communications bungalow design and materials selection
  • OCS/TPSS, signals, grade crossings, communications, facility, housekeeping power cabling, lighting, irrigation, water controls, fire alarm all technology systems cable/conduit
  • Load calculations, wire sizing, jacketing selection
  • Conduit and cable schedules, routing, bend radius, fill calculations
  • Power distribution design
  • Design of panels, transformers, power supplies per NEC requirements
  • Experience includes NEC, NFPA 130, BICSI, TIA/EIA and many other standards
  • Conduit, cable trays and wiring
  • Lighting and Lighting control design
  • Emergency power system design
  • Uninterruptible power supply design and equipment selection, including UPS, chargers, transformers, batteries
  • Power conditioning/surge suppression
  • EMI design, use of shielded twisted pairs, shield grounding systems, protection blocks
  • Chassis and signal grounding systems, including isolated systems
  • Ground rings for remote buildings/enclosures, station ground rings and grids
  • Solar power systems
  • Definition of SCADA field device location and wiring requirements
  • Interface termination cabinets and equipment

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