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We are an innovative leader in implementing state of the art signaling and train control systems, including communications based train control, PTC as well as conventional and microprocessor based signal systems that have open, resilient, and reliable architectures including fiber optic vital signal networks and digital high speed wireless communications for ATCS Data Radio, CBTC and PTC.  Our engineering experience includes Rail Signal Systems, Communications Based Train Control/PTC, Systems Integration, and Construction Management.

  • Compliance with FRA Rules, federal and state codes and standards
  • Development of signal operational descriptions specific to transit agency required operational functionality
  • Development of route/aspect charts
  • Design/Construction for Insulated joint and signal placement, impedance bonds, block signaling, interlockings
  • Track to Wayside (TWC) loop layout and design
  • Train Speeds and Signage
  • ABS/Dark Territory, Traffic Signal interfaces
  • Grade Crossing interfaces with street traffic controllers, static signage requirements, bike lanes
  • Grade Crossing timing, coordination and dynamic signage/traffic lights
  • ATCS Data Radio
  • Vital and Non-Vital Networks
  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Non-Vital signals design
  • Wiring details, voltage drop, wire/conductor sizing, power, signals, communications
  • Signal software/centralized traffic control/management, HMI development
  • Control Centers
  • Traffic Signaling Networks & Controllers
  • Traffic Signal Controller Interfaces
  • Wayside Crossing Horns, Signals and Communications Integration
  • Wireless communications, CBTC/PTC Radio Systems
  • Towers, masts, radio design
  • Fiber optic trunk networks
  • Point to Point Microwave trunk networks
  • Beacon/tagging RFID systems
  • Wayside and vehicle borne equipment
  • ATP/ATO/ATC/ATS train control systems
  • Fully automated driverless control systems
  • GPS positioning systems
  • Traction Power track bonding and negative returns – coordination
  • Combined system ductbank, conduits, manholes/vaults coordination
  • Speed limit sign placement, trackwork alignment design speeds
  • Track signage, grade crossing signage per MUTCD manual
  • Site Inspections
  • Verification of FRA rules compliance for installed systems
  • Response to RFIs, Submittals, Contractor Design Review
  • Resident Engineers, Contract Administration
  • Construction Safety Certification

Featured Projects

Caltrain Commuter Railroad (77 miles), San Francisco-Gilroy, Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board 25+ Projects

Tasman East/Capitol Light Rail System, San Jose, Santa Clara VTA

Tasman East Light Rail System, San Jose, Santa Clara VTA

San Diego Trolley Blue/Orange Light Rail Lines, Metropolitan Transportation Development Board