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Third Rail / Power Rail / Overhead Contact System (OCS)

LA offers planning, design, and construction management for rail and people mover/monorail power distribution, including third rail, power rail, and overhead contact systems, electrical design, layout and structure/attachment design, thermal calculations, feeder conduit/cable, and track negative return bonding.  Our experience includes complex catenary cable structures, cable and cable fittings/fatigue analysis, pole/structure design, foundation design, cable anchorage design, disconnect/motorized disconnect equipment selection, control/monitoring system integration, dynamic train envelope development, dynamic pantograph/collector shoe and contact wire/rail clearance envelope modeling.  We also provide construction management services for these power distribution systems, including site inspections for design conformance, OCS height/stagger measurements, OCS counterweight analysis and measurement verification, third rail/power rail contact/collector shoe performance, sectionalization testing, hi pot testing, and performance/integration testing with vehicles.  We have performed field testing of transit power systems under extreme environmental conditions including rime icing/snowfall, and developed computer software and power pickup modeling for manufacturers.  We have developed third rail/power rail heating systems for winter conditions and performed research and development studies, test bed setup and testing of dew point heating control systems for contact rail.  Our engineering services include Power Distribution Wire/Rail System Layout, Site Engineering, Systems Integration, Construction Management, and Testing and Commissioning.

  • Coordination with track alignment design
  • Coordination with vehicles/pantograph/shoe dynamic envelope
  • Coordination with operating speeds from signal block design
  • Contact and catenary wire layout
  • Power rail/third rail insulated bracket layout
  • Collector shoe/power rail/third rail impact modeling
  • Support/pole locations
  • Sectionalization design, failure management analysis
  • Voltage drop, wire/conductor sizing
  • Existing Utilities Coordination
  • System ductbanks
  • Retaining wall design
  • Project coordination during construction
  • Substation design coordination for sectionalization, feeders and negative returns
  • Traction Power track bonding and negative returns
  • Combined system ductbank, conduits, manholes/vaults coordination
  • Traction Power conduits and feeders coordination
  • Track signage mounted to power poles
  • SCADA Integration for Disconnects
  • Site Inspections
  • OCS height/stagger measurements
  • OCS counterweight analysis and measurement verification,
  • Response to RFIs, Submittals, Contractor Design Review
  • Resident Engineers, Contract Administration
  • Construction Safety Certification
  • Test Procedure Development
  • Sectionalization Testing Support
  • Hi Pot Testing Support
  • Performance/Integration testing with vehicles under design conditions

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